Turn Your Bathroom Into a Home Spa Center with this Revolutionary Ionized Shower Head

25/02/2024 | by Robert Norton

To be entirely honest with you: I was never the guy who would shower for more than 5 minutes. I never really enjoyed it much and I didn’t think it’s anything special…

Neither did I understand those stereotypical scenes in movies, where the stressed-out mom would hop into a hot shower at the end of a long day to wind off. Why the hell would you do that?

But things got messy in my bathroom. I needed a new shower head. The old one’s pressure was so low we couldn’t even take a normal shower. It started getting on our nerves.

So my wife and I went shopping and she saw this interesting device, that claimed to purify water and increase pressure at the same time.

 I didn’t really get it, but as usual, she ended up convincing me… “We” decided, that we should take it 🙂 ….

Naturally, at start I didn’t expect much of ShowerSpa. After all, it’s just another shower head! The only thing I really liked was how affordable it was (at only 39,99 €) and how easy it was to install.

After the merely 5 minute installation time (with a simple 1-2-3 step instruction manual) it was time to give it a real try. I decided to take a shower with it. Nothing special, right? “It’s just another showerhead”, I thought…

But oh my, I never knew one could enjoy every drop of water so much.


Relax Yourself And Wash Stress Down

ShowerSpa was (and because we continue to use it, still is) absolutely fantastic. The shower head multiplies water pressure, so the water stream feels like a professional massage.

With ShowerSpa, just by taking a shower, you can set yourself free from every bit of stress you went through during the day. The experience is so beautiful.

You’ll feel the water gently massaging your body. And soon you won’t feel anything else — you’ll be completely relaxed, and calm.

The best way I could describe ShowerSpa — I never experience a single negative thought with it. As if ShowerSpa washes down all the stress and troubles in your life.

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself daydreaming of the beautiful future that lies ahead, under the tender, massaging water rainfall of ShowerSpa. It’s a small heaven on earth, located right in your bathroom.


So Much More Than a Normal Shower Head

ShowerSpa is your own personal breathtaking shower experience. A slice of happiness that will make your entire day feel special. But it’s also so much more than that.

ShowerSpa is designed for maximum comfort and relaxation, and gives you a marvelous shower experience. These are just some of its amazing features:

✅ Magnificent shower experience. Choose the perfect out of 3 different spray modes — including rainfall and massage — whichever you like best.

✅ More pleasant skin. Infrared mineral particles purify water from pipe residue, making your skin more smooth and silky to the touch.

✅ Stronger and softer hair. Negatively-ionized particles make your hair stronger, while keeping the hair fiber soft.

✅ A healthier family. ShowerSpa’s patented bio-active stones filter toxic substances from the water, significantly lowering the chance of unpleasant skin conditions.

ShowerSpa was also unbelievably easy to install. Firstly, I removed the old shower head. Then, I just screwed ShowerSpa on. Nothing else was required.

Water has been flowing perfectly ever since. And since ShowerSpa is compatible with all countries standards, you’ll encounter no trouble installing it into your bathroom.

But that’s just the beginning. ShowerSpa’s cutting-edge design improves every aspect of your shower.


But Don’t Just Take Our Word for It! These People Loved the ShowerSpa:


“This product is fantastic. Easy to install, really good pressure. Super relaxing! I want to stay in the shower all day. 100% recommend it!”

“Just buy it if you want a strong water pressure, while saving water. It’s a great gift!”

“Installed it today and it was easy to set up. the water seems more clean and the water flow was very soft, I really love this shower head!”


Conclusion: is It Worth It?

If you simply skipped over here without reading, we’ll just tell you yes, 100%. If you diligently read through the article, and we thank you for that, we’ll just tell you yes, 100%.


  • Substantially more efficient water spray. ShowerSpa’s laser-perforated technology increases water pressure by up to 200%, no matter what the pressure in your water pipes is.
  • Intelligent investment for the home budget. ShowerSpa save up to 30% of water per shower  . That means it very quickly pays for itself, helping you make big savings on your budget in the long term – up to 1.600 € per year.
  • An ecological solution. By installing ShowerSpa, you won’t just do yourself good — you can also take pride in preserving the nature, as ShowerSpa is built with eco-friendly ABS material that doesn’t hurt the environment.
  • Hassle-free maintenance. Even if you have lots of hard water in your pipes, ShowerSpa’s design makes it easy to remove individual components for quick and easy cleaning.


  • Supplies are very limited, you ougt to purchase soon.


How Do I Get the ShowerSpa?

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  2. Crack open the box, admire it and relax yourself by making a spa!

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